Monday, July 27, 2009

And...we wait a bit more...

Hope everyone had a FANTABULOUS weekend!
Mine was busy...busy.....
Friday on the way home I talked with Mary about Cas. She said he's making more progress on loping to the left. This is good news! Yay! Bad news - she's out of town for 3 weeks :(
Her husband, Barry is going to bit Cas up and lunge him this week to keep him in shape and get him more comfortable loping. Then, the next 2 weeks her assistant Aime is going to bit him up and lunge him. Keeping him loping and in shape while she's gone is critical! She will be home and ride him another week before we go up and have a big pow-wow and discuss Cas' future!
I think he will have a career in the show pen. Now, is he going to be a Western Pleasure World Champion? Most likely, NO. But...he should do well.

Saturday was spent feeding friend's critters...hanging at her house for a bit of cleaning :)
Sunday we were off trimming and shoeing. Sunday night found us getting home VERY late. About 11pm late. Not good for a 'week night' when I had to get up and go to work this am!

Drove around local area and stopped by photographer 'friend's house' on Saturday. Checked out some of the outside set ups he has...they are really great! Got me thinking about some thing's I'd like to do at my place...... :)

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