Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazy weekend

Well folks, all I can say is I'd take being sick ANYDAY over dealing with a sick _husband_ (husband/boyfriend/ETC). Ladies I know you agree with me there! Why are they SOOOO terrible when they are sick? Whine, whine, whine. THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO COME TO AN END BECAUSE YOU HAVE A COLD. OR A SINUS INFECTION, OR A SORE THROAT. Now, if you are having a heart attack, or have cancer...ok. Whine. BUT A COLD FOR CRYING out loud. ARGH...just had to vent there, sorry!

We had a busy weekend. Robert was not feeling up to par yet and was less than fun to deal with while having to work.
Saturday was spent locally, in the Victoria area.
Sunday required a 2 hour drive to Port Aransass.

So, it's now Monday (is it 5 o'clock yet?).
Huge list of chores at the house got put off yet again......go figure.
Glad we don't get any visitors cause the house is embarrassingly messy right now!

No Cas update today, will call Mary at lunch (NOW) and see what I can find out! :)


  1. Oh FORBID they had to bear the children right? God was laughing when he created the fairer (and STRONGER) sex!!! Where are you in Texas? Im in Pipe Creek (near Bandera)....

  2. Im in Edna, which is between Houston and Victoria just of Hwy 59.
    YES, couldn't imagine if they had to have the kiddos, or even our "monthly curse". They think we get grumpy...hate to see one of them!