Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend update

BUSY weekend! Took care of some of our clients horses Saturday am.
Went to friends for B Day party and Photo session in the PM.

Got up at BEFORE THE BUTTCRACK of dawn to go to a horse show with a friend and play groom/photographer.
Had a good time!
Facility ended up being closer than we thought, and after a BAD trip to the new BUCEES on Hwy 59 in Wharton (don't go there if you need sunscreen) and a U turn we made it in one piece about an hour early.
Had a good time! I enjoy taking pictures, something I do on the side for hobby/play money.
Friend had a good time too! Had some good rides, positive moments with her new horse. That is always a bonus! Last horse wasn't so cooperative! Her new horse, Tidal Wave, aka Ransom is truly a dream come true!
Will post some pics one I edit them! :)

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