Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okie dokie. Not much to report...other than...OH, yeah, I got an update from Mary over the weekend.
Cas is MAKING PROGRESS on his lope! Yay! :) His is loping freely on the line! This is a great big step in the right direction! Now, we just translate that into loping while carrying someone on his back and we are GOLDEN! Mary reports that his walk, jog, trot, and extended trot are very nice. He will hold himself in a nice frame! So.....we will keep plugging away at that lope....and.....hopefully in the not to distant future we will get to take him to a show and see how he stacks up to the competition! :)

Busy weekend this one....Horses Saturday AM, friend's Son's BBQ B-Day party pm, Photo shoot of friends kids after BBQ. Sunday - helping friend at her first horse show with New Horse! Busy weekend....full of stuffs to do!
Have a great week ya'll! I mean, Yous Guys!

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