Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smart Pak.....issues?

Ok, Cas is up at the trainer as you all know.
He's on a joint supplement (he's 11....big boy....more preventative than anything)
Mary's assistant Justin bailed on her, AGAIN. So, not the feeding is being done by the very nice stable boy. He's smart.....but (how do I say this nicely) not the brightest crayon in the box. I took up a bottle of liquid Corta Flex when I dropped him off, and when I went back to check on him 2 weekends ago not much was gone. So, thought about getting him on Smart Paks.
Good friend of mine uses them and having fed for her numerous times I do like them.
So, Smart Pak here I come.
Tried to set up a delivery.....system didn't like my email address.....phooey!
Took catalog home with me and called on way home, after checking with Mary about adding anything other than joint supplement. We decided on coat supplement (to make healthy and shiny) and electrolytes. Mary asked "hay, can they mail it to my P O BOX because I can NOT get the UPS guy to deliver to us". She said they will drive by, drive back and forth in front of the house, but not stop. She's gone out to the road and flagged them down, and drove 2 miles down the road following the truck to get a delivery. Every time she places and order for something that HAS TO BE SENT UPS she's left her number and asked for the delivery guy to call and she'll stand at the end of the driveway so they can see her. NEVER gets a call.
Talked to nice girl at smartpak.....they don't deliver to P O Boxes.....GURRRRRRRRRRR.
Nice girl at SmartPak is going to get in touch with UPS and see what we can do. Gave her Mary's physical address, and P O BOX and she's going to work on it. Said she'd call back by end of day today. Here's hoping! In a couple days, Cas my have his very own SmartPak.

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