Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In My Farrier's Opinion

Ok, here is what my farrier (who did finally trim my horses feet this morning) had to say about the trim job I did Monday night on my filly.

Front left was at a 52 while front right was at a 57.
-not so great. Angles can be off about 2 to 3 degrees with out causing harm. 5 degrees however is not good. She did only have to stand like that for about 32 hrs and we didn't work her or

Right Front - outside heel long (i knew this) inside heel short ( I new this too!)
-was like that before i started. They haven't been done for a while and she sure wore that RF funny!

Hind hooves - toes to long, didn't take enough off
-IMHO this is a good thing! I didn't mess up anything he couldn't fix!!

Over all - nothing on the bottom side was smooth and flat as it should be, wall wasn't rolled like it should be

- so folks, while I didn't really mess much up...I'd still not suggest I be my horses farrier on a regular basis! Farrier said it was about a $15.00 trim that would have been good for a week or two had I smoothed things out and rolled! LOL!
Hope you enjoyed reading!

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