Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Collecting on an award

I'm collecting on an award from Hunter in Training from a few months ago!
So Sorry it took me so long to get it up here!!

Here goes!
Blogs I follow

Of Men and Horses
Hunter In Training
Pony Girl
Always There Are Horses
Fugly Horse of The Day
Cake Wrecks
Aspiring Equestrian

1 - I can not stand racism
2- I do not like MEAN PEOPLE
3- I have more compassion for animals (most of the time) than people
4- We do not have cable or satellite TV
5- I have a full brother and a 1/2 brother
6- I would LOVE to get in touch with some of my old friends from school
7- I'm planning a surprise for a friend of mine and it's FUN
8- I need to work a little bit more on putting myself first, as opposed to others. I know that sounds bad...but it's true. I usually worry about everyone else first before myself.
9- I want to go on a vacation so bad I can taste it!
10- I think my good friend HOLLY from Florida is sending me her saddle to use while she's pregnant and can't ride! SO, this means I will be able to ride!

There ya go! That's it! I'm going to see what awards I can spread around huh?

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