Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/16/10 - Saturday

Saturday oh Saturday.

The rains came on Thursday and Friday, and it was still cold and raining Saturday am. Jen and I had planned on a bath and clip for Ransom (for his TV debut). HOWEVER, the weather was not for co-operating so we met a bit later in the AM for wardrobe planning. HorseMaster is PICKY about clothing (seeing some of the shows I'd think not so much, but they have RULES). So, we found a couple shirts that met the criteria and headed to town for lunch and shopping.

T-Shirt of the Day found this while shopping....LOL

THEN, I drug Jen kicking and screaming through Target to pick out (ehhhhgads) Make-Up. Yes, make-up. Jen doesn't normally partake in this feminine activity (neither do I so much) so this was like pulling teeth! We found a few little things that she needed and headed home.

Upon leaving Target we found that the weather had broke and the sun was out. We raced home to bath Ransom and showered him with LaserSheen to make Jen's clipping job (now scheduled for Sunday post Church and lunch w/boy) a bit easier.

Picked up DH from school - yes, he had school on Saturday which threw one heck of a monkey wrench in our normal Saturday plans. Went back to Jen's and enjoyed a good meal and great company. The boys were in rare form, bantering back and forth - we tried to spare them the horrible poisoned dessert I'd picked out....but they toughed it out crammed it down their throats anyway. Way to go boys!

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