Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/17/10 - Sunday

Got stuck with our normal Saturday horse trimming/shoeing getting moved to Sunday b/c of DH's hand to hand combat/beat the tar out of each other training on Saturday.

Got up EARLY and headed to Port O'Connor - Left the house at 6:30
Made a few stops and then headed to Seadrift for lunch.
There is this (not so nice looking) place on the bay front that has the BEST BURGERS and FF's, we stopped there before heading into Port Lavaca.
Last stop was at 5pm, headed home around 5:30

An uneventful day ( I love uneventful Horse Days)
Went to bed early - I have Monday off from regular job - but, DH school stuff messed up WHOLE LONG WEEKEND - Sunday trip to Aransas Pass got scheduled on Monday -
Getting up early in the morning to head out!

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