Friday, January 29, 2010

1/25/2010 -Birthday In review I left work on Friday my co-workers questioned my B-day plans....

"SLEEP IN" was my reply! Both of them knowing me fairly well bet against that...they said it wouldn't happen. didn't!

Friend Connie called on Friday night and asked if I wanted to go to San Marcos to drop of her filly. San Marcos huh? See my Cas huh? OF COURSE I wanna go!

So, alarm woke me up grumpily at 5 am. had to be at C's by that meant leaving the house by 6...And, I did. I thought about calling C on the way there, but I knew she was as excited to go as I was and figured she'd be ready and waiting! I should have known better! I pulled in, radio blaring and the whole house was dark! Should I have been surprised? Heck no! Was I, a bit! I started getting my stuff together and C walked out onto the porch in her PJ's to apologize for not being up and ready.
So, about 25 mins later we are starting the truck and making sure all systems are go. Fed her critters and headed down the road to pick up the filly.

Departure time planned - 7:30
Actual departure time - 8:15
So...45 mins late.

An uneventful trip lead us to Nelson's at about 10:30/10:45. One bit stop at the GOOD Buc-ee's on 183 that does have sunscreen by the way!

Hannah was excited to see us pull in. Jumped out of the truck and ran over to give big hugs!!
C unloaded her filly and I ran up to the main barn to see my Casper. CAS! What a mess! He's such a handsome man! And getting more handsome every day! Love him!

Mary was out working another horse, so while I was waiting for her to get done I tired on Cas' new sheet. It is NOT pink, I'm happy to announce! it's a deep green/blue and chocolate. Looks very handsome on him! He ended up with the 84 and not the 82 as planned.

Mary snuck up on us in the middle of the process and expressed she liked the sheet on him! YAY! More hugs between handing carrots to Cas.

Headed up to the house for a few mins to give her new PUPPY a bottle (long story) while C and Hannah got the filly settled in.

Here are some pics from Cas' work out.

He was a pretty ok boy. Towards the end the flies (yes, believe it or not flies in south Texas in the middle of winter) were biting him and I didn't want to get on with out having sprayed him down as I'd have for one of those little buggers to really take a bite out of him and for him to throw a declined to ride, hoping for the chance this weekend. (side note, I don't think the weather is going to co-operate!)

Hugs, Hugs, HUGS again and back home we headed.

C wanted to stop in Cuero at the local saddle shop to drop her saddle off for some repair. Getting a later start than planned I called and canceled a hair cut I'd scheduled between the San Marcos adventure and B day dinner with Jen Saddle shop ended up fixing saddle while we waited - which took about 45 mins but saved C the hour drive back to pick it up.

DH calls on the way home....just outside of Victoria....

He asks "when you put my stuff in the truck this morning why did you lock it?"

"Why did I lock it? I always lock it!"

We do live out in the country but our neighbor brings home women of questionable ethics and lock up what I can.
Let's just sum that up to say..DH left his keys in truck! Something he NEVER does. I have the spare set and am hour plus away from the house! Poor DH was SOL cause I had plans all evening. He wasn't feeling well anyway, so it gave him a good reason to miss school.

Dinner scheduled with Jen @ 6:30......gave me time to do something I'd been meaning to do for weeks.

I took a slight (10 minute) detour and went out to visit Megan's grave. I hadn't been out there since the service 3 plus months ago. Figured my birthday was a good time to take the time and go out there because it was something I needed to do. I left a purple rose next to the plastic appaloosa pony someone else had put there. I babbled to her about this and that.....a few stray tears fell......I said my good bye's and walked back to the car.
I was blubbering, balling break down....I was good.....
I figured I'd stop on the way back to town at the accident site and see if the cross we had made had gotten put back up. The mowing guys had taken it down to mow.... yup, someone put it back up...
I made a u turn and headed for dinner......and I was fine....
I turned on the radio as I turned the corner and the song a few posts down by Nickelback came on and after the first few lines of "My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right" I lost it. Enter blubbering idiot. I thought I was going to have to pull over.......but got it together by the end of the song..
"OK" I kept telling are fine. No big deal (except it is a big deal, loosing someone you love) go to dinner with Jen and have a good time.... and I was OK. Composed myself....
I get a mushy "you are my friend and I care about you and friends are like balloons don't let them go" text from Megan's boyfriend and..... yup, you guessed it...I lost it again.
What the heck is wrong with me? I don't cry. I'm not an emotional person in that way. Oh yeah, I'll get mad...but I don't turn into a blubbering idiot and cry. Definitely not in front of other thank goodness I was alone.....

I did make it to dinner with Jen. We ate Chinese. It was yummy! Her and her SO picked out some GREAT gifts for me, which I enjoy a whole heck of a lot! I wore the necklace and earrings 2x this week! They go with many of the clothes that I have. Which is nice. The two nice smelling candles are in the house...not lit yet...but smell amazing! Good job goes out to her SO who apparently picked out the necklace and earrings....great job, I LOVE them!

I drove home, after 2 stops to get DH some meds and cough was a long day. I was exhausted, emotionally more than anything...but I was happy. It was a good day.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fellow Yankee Transplant!!

    Cas is looking good. J's Le Man has a good eye huh? ;) Good deal!

    I really think that Megan is watching over you. I bet she knows you miss her, and is keeping tabs on all that is going on.

    Remember; Drive it like ya stole, and Ride it like ya own it! ;)

  2. Yes, J's Le Man has good taste! I'll have to take a pic and show's really pretty.

    The loss of Megan has been and still is very tough for me to deal with. I'd rather she be down here WITH me than watching over me from afar. Humans, so greedy huh?