Monday, January 11, 2010

BURRRRRRRRRRRR 1/7/10 - 1/10/10

Lemme re-cap the past few days!

Date - high/low DAY

1/11/10 - 61/40 TODAY
1/10/10 - 49/22 SUNDAY
1/9/10 - 44/17 SATURDAY
1/8/10 - 34/24 FRIDAY
1/7/10 - 60/31 THURSDAY

Lemme start with 1/7/10 .....was pretty darn cold! Going from 60 during the day to 31 at night...HOLLY BURRRRRR
1/8/10 - Woke up Fri am and it was down right chilly! The LOW from Thursday was only 3 degrees more than the HIGH for FRIDAY. WOW! Where do I live?
Jen offered a place for our not so cold weather loving off he went for the week to stay warm! :0) My hubby loaded him up when we got the ok and hauled him over....and apparently helped with some last minute details and headed home.
We hunkered down well for the evening...or so we thought!
1/9/10 - SATURDAY - Woke up....everything seemed great! Critters looked a little cold..but we had running water in the house and it wasn't too cold in there as I'd bumped up the thermostat (it's normally chilly in our house, our friends bring sweaters and jackets when they come over) to take the chill out. Hubby hops in shower.....gets nice and soaped up and........tadahhhh the water stops. *insert obscenities here*, we didn't put a light on our outside pipes (but we did insulate/tape them up) So...once the water got (I don't know how it works) to the right spot it froze outside...keeping it from coming inside! YUCKY!!
SO...we went on about our day and figured it would warm up...but we'd hunt for a light to clip on it anyway.
Made appointments @ hair place the night before...arrived on find the person who had an appointment 1/2 hour before us just getting started. Lori apologized for being late and said we could wait or come back. Having to be in Richmond by 1...I opted to stay. At least DH could get his hair cut (has to keep it short for school) and I could re-schedule. Which is what happened. 45 mins AFTER our appointment time she got to Robert. GRRRRRR.
Moving doggie food and a a light for the water pipes....
Took stuff home...rigged up light for pipes and headed to Richmond....
Took care of our clients up there and headed home.
Stopped at HEB for last minute necessities for dinner and raced home to start supper while boys feed horses and dogs.
Dinner was GREAT! Mexican Soup....I post recipe later!

1/10/10 - SUNDAY - Slept in...till 7:45 (not really sleeping in but to me it is) and drug my butt outta bed. DH got up too, and we showered and dressed and started taking care of critters. I'd asked DH to make breakfast the night before and he said ok. YEAH, he fed critters and I got stuck making breakfast.
GRRRRRRRR - Spent day cooking, cleaning, laundry-ing.......and played with new laptop some.....
DH and T went to town and got pipe we bought right before Christmas. They also lugged home 3 round bales for the STARVING (LOL) horses.
I made LATE lunch/early dinner - tacos.
DH and T fed, AGAIN and before I knew it it was bed time....YIKES. Where does time go?

1/11/10 - MONDAY - have I mentioned how I hate Monday's? I don't like Monday! It's the start of the week...back to the grind...YUCK!
Still CHILLY!!! but warming up today! YAY!
Work is ok.....a bit bored.
Going to get Chewie after work....his stay is much shorter than the anticipated 7 days.....I'm sure he'll enjoy the big round bale he has waiting at the house for him!
4-H meeting tomorrow.....yeah!
Not much else going on this week.....
ohhhh Saturday helping Jen get Ransom ready for Julie Goodnight next month!! :) Girls day....should be fun!!! Hope everyone has a good evening and STAYS WARM!!!

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  1. What a crazy weekend! My sister is downin southern Miss and she was worried about her water pipes freezing as well... what crazy, crazy weather we are having.
    Hope you guys warm up soon!