Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/18/10 Monday

Being it was MLK JR day, I had the day off from my regular job! YAY!

That's the good news.

Bad news - DH's school schedule messed up our weekend plans

Woke up a bit late (sorry Steph) and headed out to Aransas Pass after feeding the crew and making breakfast.

Arrived in Aransas Pass just after 10. Had a nice chat with Steph - Found out she was in an accident just after Thanksgiving about 2 weeks ago -
Got hit from behind by a little bitty car going over 100 MPH. She was in her big GMC 2500 and had their BRAND NEW horse trailer behind. She was headed to the trainer's to pick up one of their horses. Thank goodness she was on the way there, and not on the way back.
Just outside of Victoria on 77 she got rear ended by the driver of the car who'd fallen asleep.
Totaled the truck and trailer. The only place on the top of the truck not smashed in from flipping numerous times was the driver seat, where she was sitting. SO, so, SO lucky to be here today.
I told her "Steph, if you wanted a new truck all you had to do was say so" She's now driving around in a 2009 Chevy 2500 - it's GORGEOUS!

Trimmed 8 of her 10 head, and then headed to Victoria for one short stop (2 head) and then it was on to the house.
Long weekend - but lots of work - didn't feel like a long weekend....too much stuff to do!

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