Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sombre Saturday

Friday night, VERY late I learned that there was going to be a blood drive in memory of my friend Megan Saturday @ Dale's Fun Center in Victoria, Texas.

So, early Saturday AM I got up and sent out a massive TXT to everyone in the area I knew, hoping to assist in a large turn out.

DH and I headed over around 9:30.
Arrived just after 10 to find the 'bus' ready for us.

I had never given blood before, so it was in interesting experience. Last time I tried, I was told my Iron was too low.

This time however, after a few pages of paperwork and a bit of a wait, my finger was pricked and my blood tested and VIOLA, my blood was ok!
Then, more waiting for a recliner........then it was my turn. The recliner I got put my left arm out for the tech to draw my blood. NO GO. Nope. Left arm didn't want to co-operate! So, off to the front of the bus I went to wait for a recliner that would allow my right arm to be on the correct side.
Friend Connie showed up, and Mandy. THANKS GUYS!
Ahhhh....now a right armed recliner was free! My turn!
My "tech" (I'm not sure what they are but I'm sure they have to have some kind of license) Pete was GREAT! My vein was a bit hard to locate, but she found it and after a few moments to assist the person in the recliner across from me we were in business.
I admit, I was a little worried. That needle was HUGE! Like the ones I poke the horses with when shots are needed for antibiotics! Not something that should be going in a human arm!! I Turned my head....squeezed my eyes together and tried to think of anything other than the huge needle that was going to poke me......
I have to honestly say I didn't feel a thing! She did a great job! Amazing! I hope I get her again when I give blood! It was sad, the reason why we were all there.....but we hope that out of the sadness comes some happiness for the people and their families that our blood donations will help. I'll post when I find out how much was collected, and what type of blood I have!


I was a quick bleeder and was out of the chair in no time!
Some snacks, a chat with Megan's friend and family and we were on our way home.

DH's friend M and his gf and son were on their way over to help DH figure out why our trailer lights were not working.

Throw in a side trip to help 2 older ladies fix a flat tire - their lug nut taker offer (technical term I know) didn't fit their lug nuts so luckily another gentleman stopped by and had a 4 way (we have one in truck but not car) and the tire was changed, we followed the ladies to the nearest gas station and DH aired up their tires and we sent them on their way!

Arrived at home with M and co and tow......
Boys spent much time and most of trailer lights are fixed. Inside lights and breaks *gasp* aren't working right yet...but we think it's a truck wiring thing....
Poor M and Co didn't leave till 11pm and had an hour drive home! Big thanks to M for all his help and for his family for allowing him to be so helpful!

Next posts include a Sunday GIRLZ day, my DH's birthday surprise, a trip to see Casper, a balling my eyes out session, a bday dinner with a great friend, and the shoes dumb dumb terrorized!

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