Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not 5 STAR Gourmet, but DAMN good!

Driving home last night...didn't know what to make for dinner. DH said "do something with that hamburger sittin there before it goes bad".
I replied "ok, but burgers are out because they are better on the grill and I don't mess with that thing!"
He said "ok".

SO....thinking thinking....hummm...what to make that won't take forever...."I Know, I'll call mom...she'll know what to make!"

One Ringy Dingy
Two Ringy Dingy
Three Ringy Dingy
Four Ringy Dingy
"Hay mom I"
Interrupted by "this is Cathy, leave your name and number and I'll call you back"
DRAT....voice mail. " Hay mom, just me....give me a call back when you get a sec, Love ya, bye."
How dare she not be around to answer my call.....what the heck?

SO.....I continued to ponder all the way home.
DH loves enchiladas - me, not so much
I Improvise!

Took 1 1/2 lbs hamburger meat - Brown/Season to taste and set aside
one can re fried beans
1 package of Spanish rice (make according to directions and set aside)
about 5 c crushed tortilla chips
5 flour tortillas
Jar picante sauce
Bag shredded cheese
1 9 x 14 baking pan (glass)

Grease/Spray pan
Preheat over to 300

Layer pan with
Tortilla Chips

Till all done. on top put flour tortillas - cut in 1/2 so they make a 1/2 moon shape - place "flat" side against side of pan
Top tortillas with cheese and picante as well - heat in oven and serve
Viola - Mexican Casserole
Tastes Great! Rave Reviews from DH - only thing missing is 'something' to keep it from being quite so dry...other than that....kick butt yummy!

Lemme know if you try it.....YUM!

P.S. - Mom did call back and offer me a meatloaf idea....but my Mexican Casserole was already in the oven! Thanks MoM!

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