Wednesday, January 27, 2010


B and I decided a good girls morning was in order.
On the agenda?
Good Food (comfort type food) - Some Shopping - some gossiping (NEVER!) and a trip to mom's to pick up her daughter.
Picked up B @ 9:30....and headed to...IHOP of course! What better place for some feel good, taste great breakfast food than IHOP? It was YUMMY!
Then, off to Ross for a bit of BARGAIN hunting!
Tried on TONS of clothes.......I found 2 shirts I fell in LOVE with (got same shirt in 2 different colors) and some KICK BUTT sunglasses that are way out of character for me but I'm loving them.
B found a cute dress, and 2 pairs of jeans that fit her, not me. I was bummed about that b/c I really needed some new jeans!
I swear we spent 2 hours plus looking for and trying on clothes! Love shopping with B...she's a blast! And, we a both full figured ladies, so it's nice to shop with someone who just can't grab something off the rack and it fits and looks like
Headed over the Bealls - I was on the hunt for some new appropriate shoes.
Found a NICE pair of shoes for $26.00 - and a couple sets of ear rings and a new necklace
Went to B's mom's and picked up her kiddo as it was getting late and I was instructed to be home around 4!
Dropped off my passengers and home I went after a trip into HEB to get a few 'items' DH forgot.
Arrived home to find (see below).
How sweet huh? Birthday Bubble Bath! Awesome!

DH is fighting a cold or something and even though I offered to 'postpone' any plans till he felt better he insisted!
Then, when I got out of the bath, I was served this....!

WOW! Super Yummy dinner! :) something had to be up, right? I mean, I know it was my bday and all...but...this was still a bit much....
DH says...."ummmmm we had a casualty earlier. "
"oh" I said, "what happened?"
"well" DH said, "it was dumb dumb"
- side noteb - DUMB DUMB aka Duke is a big teddy bear of a yellow lab that we picked up in the middle of the road almost a year ago with a bum leg. Dumb Dumb is a very young ( I will get a picture so you can SEE him, and understand his name) very hyper, very large (100 lbs plus) yellow lab. Nothing bothers him, nothing phases him, he goes where he wants to because he can. He can bulldoze the furniture on the living room and he loves to jump up on the kitchen counter to see what's going on up there.
Apparently DH had all 4 dogs, yes 4 inside dogs running around loose while I was out on my morning adventure. He, I guess wasn't paying attention to dumb dumb who did this to my FAV flip flops before he could take them away.
See the little rip?

And if that wasn't enough, DH didn't think to pick up the other flip flop.....and dumb dumb struck again....doing this.

So.....what a crazy day, huh???

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