Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cas in Training

Took Cas up to Nelson Training Center over the weekend for an evaluation.

Saturday he acted like a butt! Nickering and whinnying at everything that walked by or even looked his direction. As this is NOT acceptable behavior he got in trouble a bunch. Saturday he didn't get worked, as we went to a local open horse show that Mary had to judge.

Up bright and early to mess with Cas. Yeah, right! This was the first morning I'd been able to sleep in in a long time! Got up around 8:30 and scrounged around for breakfast and ran down to the barn to lunge/ride Cas.
He was a good boy, better as far as talking and nickering at everyone goes. Had to really get after him to make him move as you all know by now he's the most LAZY critter on the planet.
Mary, trusting me, hopped up on him after about a 20 minute lunge.
He was a saint, of course. L-A-Z-Y!
He is either really RUSTY under saddle, or just doesn't know a whole lot. Didn't think neckreining was good, but also didn't want to move off leg pressure. So, the big man got left with Mary for a MINIMUM one week evaluation.
I trust that Mary won't waste her time nor my money on a horse that isn't going to go any where. We both think Cas will be able to go somewhere. While he might night be a AQHA world champion Pleasure horse.......we're hoping for top 10! :)

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