Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And then, there was one....

One horse left in training at Nelson Training Center that is.

Taking into account that we are FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR did I mention FAR from rich we brought Harley ( Luken For Blue Skies) home over the weekend. After an Owner/Trainer (most people have Parent/Teacher conferences) conference we decided that Cas has the most potential at the moment as far as future showing and income from standing him at stud goes. So, that's where we are going to put the limited funds we do have....into Cas.
Got to see the big man for a bit. He was tied along the side of the arena, another horse about 20 or 25 feet away, also tied.....getting used to being a 'good horse' again. He had acquired a few bad habits.....so he needed a reality check!
Mary said that Harley undid his halter last week, got "loose" (area is fenced and gated) and went over to visit Cas. She was sure the fight would be on, and she'd have to call me, her 'client' and explain that your one horse beat the snot out of your other horse. Cas, however, was a true gentleman and stood there, nose to nose with Harley and didn't make one wrong move. Very proud of Cas!
So, giving Cas 2 more weeks and we will make a more thorough evaluation of him and his progress. Keep ya posted! :)
Didn't get to see Mary work him as we got there late, and being 100 plus degrees with out the heat index, she's been riding EARLY am and VERY LATE pm....trying NOT to KILL the horses :) Thank you Mary! OH, and a big THANK YOU to Barry who spent his weekend installing two HUGE fans in the main barn to circulate the air.....it cooled it down about 10 degrees in there. THANK YOU! Plus, each horse has it's own stall fan, and there is a mister installed over head that mists water down on the hot horses during the heat of the day. LOVE YOU GUYS!

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