Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friend's Conversation Starter posted the following;

1- How do you view your riding? Are you hoping to accomplish a certain task, then "stop learning", and repeat the same thing forever? Are you "always learning", constantly searching for the next level of whatever style of riding you're in? Is it a faster run time? A higher fence? A better test score?

Well, at this point in time I am NOT riding. I do not have the room to ride at my place, not the time to haul to local arena/friends house to ride. SO, that answer is simple.
As far as the 'stop learning' part - I think that if you feel you are at the point when you do not NEED to learn anything else (and this goes for life in general not just riding) you need to stop and do a self evaluation. There is ALWAYS something to learn from someone about something. When you stop learning you stop growing as a person. Don't stop learning! Even if your ultimate "GOAL" is riding a 3rd level test and getting a great score....don't stop learning. You might not want to PUSH yourself past that, but there are many other horse related things you can learn other than riding!

*Goals* Well, my handsome stallion is off at the trainers place. As said before I don't have room to ride/train so....that's my option at the moment. I do hope to get up there every other weekend or so when he's going well and get in a lesson or two. Do I expect amazing things from "US" with my limited ride time? NO, I expect amazing things from him and the trainer together as they will get much more time together than he and I will. Make sense?
Another goal is get the HOLE filled in at our place so I do have a spot to ride! I have 3 well broke critters at the casa and not one of them has been ridden in a while! That's a shame!
So, personal goals - get arena up and running and start riding! Then.....I'll be able to set some riding goals! :)

On a side note - I think that too many people push themselves to hard to fast when it comes to equine sports. People forget, you are dealing with a LIVING, BREATHING, THINKING creature. Not a machine that does what you ask all the time when you ask. They get sick (set back) they get hurt (set back) they have moments of "nope mom, I'm not learning today and I'm going to be stiff and defiant and you are going to want to kill me in 30 minutes" just because they are horses. My advice on goals....make them REALISTIC. IF not, two things will happen. You won't reach them because it was darn near impossible. And this will lead to - A-Giving up on horse related activities all together or B-Taking that frustration out on your horse and everyone around you because you failed.
If you have a setback- re work those goals. OK.....furrball got a nasty cut that put him out of commission for two weeks. Not going to make it to that A show I planned on in 3 weeks.....let's shoot for an A show in 5 weeks. That kinda thing. OR - Ya know, fluffy and I aren't getting along well.... think there's something wrong (take to chiropractor who says yep, fluffy is all outta whack and needs a week off after adjustment) and you decide to start hauling to nice barn 30 mins away once a week for lessons. That dressage show you wanted to enter in a week.....PASS! Enter the one next month after fluffy is healthy and you've had some professional instruction to help you through the 'sticky stuff'
Ok...I think that's enough for today.....Stepping off Soap Box now!

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