Monday, June 8, 2009

It's gotta be MONDAY

Day started off not so great! Did not want to haul my bootie outta bed this morning. Did at 6, knowing that I'd have to RUSH to get done with Cas and showered and on the way to work on time.
OUCH! Damn fenced zapped Cas when I went to take him out of the pasture. THEN, it got ME AND CAS when i tried to put him back. WTF! I asked Robert to fix that weeks ago! Tried NOT to bug him, hoping that would help. WRONG! Got on his case this morning.

Lunged Cas about 20 mins. Got him to CANTER this morning. Which, in and of itself is a feat! I mean, this boy is L-A-Z-Y- lazY! So, about two or three circles each direction canter. Really pretty to the right, not so to the left. It's ok.
Seriously working out a deal with the devil to take him to my trainer in San Marcos. As much as I hate to admit it I don't have the place to work with him right now, nor the time and he really deserves it. SO, will trudge along doing what I can do until the devil gives in or I win the lottery. I am taking him up to trainers' this weekend for a once over. She's going to ride him, see what buttons he has that can be pushed and see what he needs to learn. Would like to head to an open show next month.

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