Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6/15/09 Training Update

Got a very late call from Mary last night.
She had her assistant ride Cas so she could watch. She said she know what he feels like but also wanted to see what he looks like.
She was impressed! :)
She said he was moving out in nice big hunter trot, ground covering and classy.
She thinks he has lots of potential.

Cas schedule for the week
6/16 - am work out
6/17 - Mary out of town for the day, Justin will be riding him
6/18 - Mary back for ride
6/19 - Mary ride
6/20 - Mary final ride before 1 week evaluation over

Now, keep in mind he's not being worked hard....20 mins tops on these first few rides. He is out of shape.

SO....here's hoping that we are right about "good lookins" potential as an A - OK show horse!! :) go Cas! :)

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