Tuesday, June 2, 2009

06/02/09 - AM

I don't think that Cas likes working at 8pm and then at 6am. He looked a bit put off when I went to catch him this morning before breakfast. However, evening plans won't allow time for an evening lunge...so it's am or nadda....I opted for AM!

Food - 2 sc ours....about 1/4 theirs 1 oz Corta Flex

He reluctantly trotted around on the line for about 12 mins each direction...with 2 min warm up, 2 min direction change and 5 min cool down.
He gets sprayed with SSS before and after work outs, and gets liniment sprayed from knee to ankle and hock to ankle after each work out. Cas seems to enjoy all the pampering. Although he doesn't seem to like being brushed. It's the strangest thing....
Connie is at a show in IOWA....she did ok with Jimbo in halter yesterday, riding her stallion Chipper today in the western classes. Can't wait to hear how she does! :)

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