Monday, June 1, 2009

Casper training update

5/27/09 - AM - food - 1/2 can ours, 1 1/2 theirs 1 oz corta flex
I had every intention of giving Cas a full week to acclimate to his new diggs....however being a stallion he is proving that he's acclimated already and looking for off to work we go!
Lunged Cas for about 20 mins. Brushed/polo wrapped at trailer. Sprayed with bug spray. Lunged First to the left (his blue eye side) then to the right. Little bugger didn't want to change direction. Wanted to make me think that he'd never been lunged that direction before. WRONG answer. I promptly informed him he was not the boss and I was in charge. He gave in and went the other direction! :) Good boy Cas! :) Hosed him down when done, sprayed with SSS and h20 for his coat and to keep the bugs off and into his pasture he went...and off I went to work.

5/28/09 - AM- food - 3/4 can ours, 1 1/4 theirs 1 oz corta flex
Lunged Cas again. About 20 mins. Brushed/wrapped at trailer, then to the pasture for a lunge. A saint both directions this time. Pushed him out a bit more at the trot as he is L-A-Z-Y, LAZY!
A good boy.

5/29/09 - PM food - 1 can ours 1 can theirs 1 oz corta flex
Slept in too late to lunge in the am...had to lunge in the pm. Same routine...gave me a bit of trouble this time again to the right. He's such a butt head! Love him to pieces though! He's awesome.

5/30/09 - pm AGAIN food - 1 1/2 can ours 1/2 can theirs 1 oz corta flex
Had clients to take care of this morning so Cas got another PM lunge. Same routine, good boy. Really pushed him out at the trot. I think that he'll be able to go western and hunter in the show pen. While he can do that (and prefers it) slow WP jog....he can, when pushed extend into a ground covering trot.

5/31/09 - OFF food 1 1/2 can ours 1/2 can theirs 1 oz corta flex
Got a late PM invite to a friends for BBQ, music, and hanging out. so, CAS got an unscheduled day off. We got to eat some good food and hang with friends! :)

6/1/09 will lunge this PM and blog in the am. food 1 3/4 ours 1/2 theirs 1 oz corta flex

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  1. Holy crap! I go quiet for One Weekend, and Look what you go & do! Holy crap!

    more pictures
    more pictures
    More Pictures
    More Pictures
    (how's that for subtle?)

    Congrats, dear!