Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not much to Update

Cas is still at Nelson Training Center

Talked with Mary over the weekend and we have a pretty big obstacle to over come.
His lope/canter.
He can't do it.
I mean, HE CAN DO IT, but he is very uncoordinated and has no idea where to put his feet or carry his head. He wants to tuck his chin to his chest and bust around like a bull in a china closet.
Mary is having to tie his head up (normally you are asking the horse to put his head down and tieing off to the girth on the sides, or between the horses front legs in the middle) to near the horn so he doesn't think he has to have his head tucked between his knees.
Mary says that when he lopes off free, he has nice movement and there is no reason (should be we able to get over this hurdle) that he can't do the Hunter Under AND THE PLEASURE! Music to my ears....here's hoping we can get him over this hump....... will keep ya posted.
Mary has to take off for a few weeks end of next month....so he may stay in partial training with her assistant. :)

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