Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feelin Yucky!

We've had TERRIBLE weather, and everyone is getting sick!
Myself included. Yep, that's right. She who NEVER gets sick got sick!
Missed 2 days of work (hate that) and still feel not 100% up to par.

That being said....

Had long conversation with our trainer on Saturday.
WE know Cas isn't going to cut in it WP....his gaits are not slow enough nor is he a peanut pusher! I'm happy he's not a peanut pusher. I hate that wp fad.
I was HOPING he'd be able to do some HUS....but we don't feel he has the height and scope to make it there.
Pattern classes - We had HOPES for pattern classes! But, western pattern classes are getting now where they expect WP movement and precise completion of movements. and in trail they are squeezing obstacles and maneuvers into such small spaces - Cas doesn't like moving in a small space. He's a big horse....
He's not 'good enough' to make an amateur horse - as he's a stallion I can't show in Novice Amateur -
We tossed around the idea of making him an "open show stallion" No offense to anyone I don't want to deal with most of the 'open show' crowd as far as breeding goes.

Our last ditch effort? Jumping. We are going to see if Cas likes Jumping. Oh yeah, and cows too. DH insists on seeing if he likes cows.
SO....Mary is going to start working on some ground polls and cavaletti and see if we can get him over some x rail's soon.
So...keep you posted!! Cross your fingers!

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