Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Jen can't get to the computer.....well, I'm sure she CAN but she's SOOOO busy that she can't!

Here is a bit of an update.....

She arrived Monday to find a bit of chaos and un-organization.
A few of the others were running late and the MEETING they had to be there for at 4pm got postponed.

I'll let Jen fill you in on all the details....but.....

Ransom decided in his usual fashion to NOT eat!
Called her vet who said try some probiotics.
Something about the stuff in it causes their tummy's to calm down and relax and eat. :)
SO, Ransom started eating and Jen calmed down quickly!

She's supposed to ride today......her slot is 1-6 I keep your fingers crossed for her that all goes well. She's the only English ride of the whole event....
Can't wait for her blog details, but just wanted to let those who follow her blog know she's doing well @ HorseMaster Julie Goodnight.
Oh, Jen said Julie seems "real nice" and really "trains the horses".

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  1. Thanks for the update! Can't wait to read Jen's account :)