Thursday, February 25, 2010

Play with Skeletor

Although I didn't get out to the round pen till well after dark last night, I did take some time to go play with Skeletor with OUT putting medicine on his owie.

It took him a few minutes to realize I was 'ok' in the dark and I wasn't the big, bad boogie monster.
I took some treats.
Rubbed his head, scratched his ears....made loud noises by 'slapping' his blanket and scratching it....undid and redid his Velcro (he use to HATE THAT). Made him lower his head to pressure behind his ears (getting ready for the bridle at some point) He wasn't perfect. He did stay right with me though. He jumped sometimes, at somethings. But I've never messed with him in the dark before, and he hasn't been messed with THAT MUCH in the daylight!
Why bother? Because I don't want him to think every time I go out there I'm going to do something he sees as 'bad'.
It's like the cowboy who can't catch his horse. When asked how often he catches his horse he replied "only when I need him to work". DUH, if I only came to you when I needed you to do something for me....don't you think about the 3rd or 4th time I saw you coming, or saw your name on caller ID I'd run the other way or not answer? Damn Skippy!
Horses are no different. Creatures of habit, hello!
So...Skelly and I played last night. I think he enjoyed it. He followed me all over..and tried to follow me out to gate!
He's a good boy, and quick learner!

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