Monday, February 22, 2010

I don't like my medicine!

Sometimes, horses are like little kids....they don't like their medicine.

DH called me Saturday afternoon......he was complaining about whoever shot Skelly....he wished he could make THEM come deal with him.
Apparently he didn't want to stand still for his meds....not his oral meds...his topical meds.
We use Underwood's it's truly the best medicine on the planet!!

Skeletor hasn't been messed with much since he came to our place. I know, our fault.
We didn't have the place to work him till the end of 2009. We got a round pen. Then the weather got bad and...well...I know most of you can relate. We don't have any place covered to work our horses and we are at the mercy of the elements.
Skelly often times acts like a wild 2 yr old whose never been touched.
Apparently that's how he was acting Saturday when DH went to put his medicine on.

I told him to wait till I got home to help.
He said he got it done...
I said ok...I'll help you in the morning.....

Sunday am came and out we went to put Skelly's medicine on.
And the fight was on.
Guys don't always understand that 5 minutes of prepping can turn what might end up as a war into a small hissy fit.
DH had gone in with the 'just do it' (thanks Nike) attitude instead of the 'lets teach this little bugger something' attitude.
20 misn of squirting a spray bottle full of water on and around Skelly and he stood pretty well for his meds.
Lather, Rinse, Repeat Sunday PM and Monday am......what a good boy.....
Monday PM however.....a story all of it's own!

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