Friday, February 19, 2010

Pellet Guns and Horses Don't Mix

Got an interesting call from DH at work today around 1:30-1:45......
one of the horses had been shot. Yes, you read that right, shot.

DH went to pull blankets for the first time in over a week as the afternoon was turning quite warm. He pulled the blanket off my 2 yr old paint and a huge chunk of skin/hair came off with it. Upon further investigation he found a wound with a hole about the size of my pinkie nail. It stunk, should was hot...obvious infection.
Calls me in a panic.
Calm him down....tell him to call the Sheriff (we live in the country) and don't do anything really with it till he gets there so he can see.
DH did just that....

Enter Sheriff J.P.

J.P. takes statement, looks at critter, concurs it's a bullet hole of some sort (we are thinking BB or Pellet gun at this point). Neighbors on the side of the property have kiddos. I made sure to tell DH to ask Mr. Officer to go have a talk with them. If DH or I did it, it would be too personal and get ugly. I'm laid back and nice until someone hurts my critters.

J.P. did go talk with neighbors. He let them know what happened, and that there was a horse in the wooded area between our properties and to not shoot that direction.

J.P. left, and dh dr'd the wound best he could. I sent him to town for antibiotics and tetanus shot.
He had to leave those in a friends mail box as all of this mess had taken a good chunk of time out of the afternoon and he had to get to school.
I grabbed meds on way home and pounded 10 pills to a powdery pulp when I got him and put in his dinner. Took the tetanus shot like a champ....good boy.

Let me introduce you to Skeletor.

Skeletor is a 2yr old paint gelding. Full brother to my black and white pain filly.
We 'rescued' him in January of 2009 from a friend who sold him to a friend of a friend who starved him to death. He was soooo thin and lifeless. I didn't think he was going to make it.
But, over a year later he's packed on some lbs and is full of spunk. He was a big colt who I don't think will grow to his full potential as his lack of good quality food at a young age has stunted his growth. Prove my wrong Skelly, prove me wrong.

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