Friday, February 26, 2010

Thanks Jen!

Jen gave me an AwArD. WooooHoooo! Now I have to list 7 things about me and pass along to 15 people. 15 PEOPLE? I don't KNOW 15 BLOGGERS.....but I'll do the bestest I can!

7 Things About Me ......... HUMMM

1. It has always been a dream of mine to own ONE amazing horse and win a world title....I'm still dreaming that dream! Maybe soon I can live it!

2. After hubby finishes school, it's MY TURN!

3. I'm not sure what I'm going to College for, but I'm going!

4. Been giving lots of thought to raising a child/children lately. And after much consideration I'm not sure that is something that I want to do in my current location.....hummmmm

5. I like all types of music, except RAP

6. I prefer a quiet evening at home to the BAR scene.

7. I'm dying to know why MOST of the men I've met in SOUTH TEXAS can't hardly ever be seen with out a beer in their hands? What is this place and why is it this way??

Hope that was enough information for you!!!

OK.....Pass on the Award....let's see.....

1. Eventing-A-Gogo - your blog entries are NEVER boring! Never a dull moment in Gogo land! Keep Gogo-ing and keeping us posted! Love reading your blog!

2. Saving Argus - Maybe an AWARD will motivate some more posts huh? The story of the horses recovery and all those involved is AMAZING! Check it out!

3. The Horseshoeing House Wife - Mikey your adventures NEVER cease to amaze me! Keep the stories coming! Thanks for the photos, and VIDEOS!

4. Riding Aside - something I could never do, and admire this blogger for doing! You go Girl!

5. From Bell Boots to Botox - this blogger is keeping it real! No topic is off limits! A fun, fun, FUN read!

7. I Will Jump Sweet Jumps - follow the many adventures of Beckz -an aspiring show jumper who lives in New Zealand. Beckz, you keep jumping those jumps!

8. Mommy In Spurs - Lil Mamma, maybe this will get you out of your A$$ draggin slump! blog on, blog on!

9. Work In Progress - Because my life IS your title! I enjoy your posts...when you post! We are on about the same page...the only difference is you are riding and I'm not! I'm on the hunt for the prefect show horse, still, and you are doing it! keep blogging, i LOVE reading!

Alright bloggers! Enjoy your award, and have FUN passing it along!


  1. Thanks so much!!! I'll put it up shortly. Love your blog!!

  2. You are MOST welcome! I love reading about your adventures!