Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Interesting title huh?
Well, let's just say we didn't get the SNOW that was predicted last night...but we got some more unneeded rain at my house. I know, I know...don't complain. We'll be screaming for rain again this summer I'm let's take all we can get now.
Got up a bit later this am to dr Skelly. He's been sooooo good....I figured he was really learning something.
DH was less than cooperative...he stayed in bed. MUST BE FREAKIN NICE huh?
So, i crushed pills after donning a few layers and headed out into the COLD....
Yeah, chilly...but no SNOW.
Skelly's 'pasture' (aka round pen) was a muddy mess.
Maybe I should explain my choice in foot wear sneakers. YES SNEAKERS, not TENNIS shoes....I DO NOT PLAY TENNIS
That being said.....UNLACED SNEAKERS. It's gotten to be a habit lately..slip 'em what needs done....slip 'em off. Easy Peasy....I like that.
Enter Skelly's Pen. Turn, close gate. Set bucket in bucket (LOL). Turn. Catch Skelly with ease. He was waiting right there...didn't budge. I rubbed him for a sec.....then undid right side of neck cover and folded it into itself. Next I undid the chest straps on his blanket so I could see his owie. I'm so happy to report that his owie is healing. VERY WELL. It's covered over, nice small scab. Very good.
Like I said...DH STAYED IN BED. SO, I'm dr-ing Skelly myself. I keep his nose turned into me...nice small circle.....he moves a little bit and stops. I go to touch his owie, he moves a little bit and stops....he moves a lot! I move with sneaker doesn't....i step in about 4 inches on mud with my right foot...i start cursing DH. Not HIS fault I didn't tie my sneakers, but I wouldn't have to be following him all over the round pen so much if he'd have been there to lend an extra hand. Not taking my stress out on Skelly I step back into the sneaker (squish squish) and follow him some more. Spray medicine....move a bit.....put baking powder...move around a little bit. Rub shoulder till he stands still. Rub some more. Touch owie area....he stands still. We end on a good note! put blanket back together, but neck cover back on. Pressure behind ears, he lowers head. Scratch scratch rub rub on face. I dump his food and leave him to it. He's happy to eat his medicine enriched breakfast, thank goodness!
Leave sneakers caked in mud on the back porch steps...ask DH to hose them down. Rinse of muddy foot in bathtub and get ready for work.....
I'm happy I didn't take the DH and no sneaker tying frustration out on my horse. He didn't deserve it....
On the plus side I know I can dr Skelly solo now. That's a good thing!
Have a good day everyone!

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