Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd day at Ka (razy) Ranch, AM

Maxie and Bella woke me up at 5:45.....they wanted OUT!
Must be potty time. I happily obliged, I know they are big full grown adult dogs and shouldn't potty in the house, but when you've gotta go, you've gatto go!
Out they went.

About 10 mins later, after I'd used the facilities myself and stumbled around the house they were back at the door, ready to come in.
Took them to the back to feed them......Maxie woofed down her food....Bella on the other hand, not so much. She pushed her food around in the bowl, then pushed the bowl around. Not interested.......hummmmm what do I do about that? I figured I'd leave the food down for a while...even though that meant that Maxie might get double breakfast!

I made some coffee, the sky was JUST starting the get lighter on the horizon. Sunrise wasn't for another hour almost......goodness!
Sat in the living room, enjoying the big flat screen TV. The dogs were happy for some AWAKE company!
I'd walked to the kitchen to wash my coffee cup and the dogs started going crazy! They were standing at the front door barking their heads off!
OH lordy, I was thinking, what in the hell could be out there?
I cautiously walked to the door......
and what did I find?
DUSTY, the MINI had walked the cattle guard and was standing on the front porch.
CRUD! She wasn't supposed to be in there!!! The 'house' area is fenced off so the only critters that are supposed to be in there are the cats and dogs.
They is a huge circle drive, and 3 houses.
The main house, where H's mom lives......the 2nd house where H and her hubby live, and a 3rd guest type house. The driveway leading to the 'circle' is about a mile long, if not a bit longer.
That'll give you some idea.
They put metal grating over the cattle guard for the dogs to work over, and, DUSTY the mini figured out how to walk them. GREAT.
I throw my boots on, and out the door I go to try and figure out HOW to get her back in her 'area'.
I don't know the ranch well, yet. It's still pretty dark....about 7am now. I search the immediate fence line for a gate. No luck.
I run to the barn and grab a bucket with some grain. I can COAX her back across, yes?
Picture if you will ME trying to coax a BI*CH of a mini across a place she doesn't want to go. I make piles of food her for to follow.....nothing doing!
I get close enough to entice her and put the bucket in her face and try to coax her, keeping the bucket just in front of her. NO GO.
I squat down and hand feed her a bit, then scooch back a bit....feed her....scooch back. She's about 1/2 way across when she decides to BACK UP and haul butt!
By now, it's about 7:30 and it's light. I go on the hunt for a gate......found one to the right of the barn. Opened it, she followed me right in.
BI*CH! I don't like her, and she doesn't like me. See, Dusty is my husband's mini. She's at the ranch because H wanted a mini donkey baby. So, she turned Dusty out with her Jack, who's a bit on the small side anyway. So...she's big and prego now......yay! But, she's still a BI*CH! problem taken care of! Now, to feed the rest of the critters! I'm in HURRY mode because I SHOULD be leaving for work at 7:45!!!
Feed the MINI and Boo the Arab problem!
The 'birds' are another story! I'm NOT a fan of BIRDS.......especially Hissing Geese and BIG Tom the Turkey. Tom is sitting on the bucket I need to get to in order to get grain out for the birds! Shoo Tom, Shooo! Tom fluffs his feathers and glares at me. SHoooo tom, SHOOOOO! I nudge him with the end of my mag light! He hops of the barrel and struts outside. Whew!
I feed the birds, and quickly scrape the bird house.....shoveling the poop outside. Leave the big door open, but put the wire back so the horses don't get inside the pen.
Onto the goats!
AMBUSH! They all run to the gate as I go in their pen.
I let the very prego pygmy out, and dump feed in the bowls/buckets. They are happy!

I head to the 4-wheeler, and haul butt back to the house. it's 7:45 when I get back inside. I should be leaving!
I hurry to get cleaned up and dressed and rush out the door at 8am and get into my car that smells like goat!
What a morning!

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  1. Busy morning. It's amazing you were only 15 minutes behind when you left.