Thursday, March 4, 2010

Should you Really be RIDING....

If you feel the need for this!!!
OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup Irons and Slip On Boots/Magnetic Soles

I LOVE getting catalogs in the mail, LOVE IT! I can't afford most of the stuff in them, but ever since I was little I've thoroughly enjoyed thumbing through the glossy, colorful pages of the catalogs, picking out all the stuff I'd buy if I could. I sometimes find items I don't agree with....but this 'invention' has set the bar very high for finding something I disagree with more!

Now, I have REALLY, REALLY, REALLY seen it all! What the heck?
What happened to having to have BALANCE and a steady leg to ride?
Now the jumper people are turning to 'aids' like the barrel racers and their Velcro 'em in the saddle stuff.
What the heck?

and the price? YIKES!
For those that think going out and spending almost $500 on this 'system' is going to make you a better rider....I'd suggest you invest in a well broke horse, a good fitting saddle, and some professional lessons and REALLY LEARN TO RIDE!!

Magnetic force is ONLY so STRONG....
Good seat/legs/hands/balance will last a lot longer!

Anyone else have a take on this?


  1. It's cheating... Honestly truly it's cheating.

    I can't rationalize these with some of the comments I've received.. "I need to learn to ride better by dropping my stirrups entirely."

    So which is it? Learn to ride independant of them, or magnet pull 'em to my feets?

    *sigh* I have visions of a small child dragging by a stirrup magnet...

  2. It's RIDICULOUS! And probably dangerous, too...give you a false sense of security if you really have no seat or balance. What will they come up with next?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!