Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3, PM

Arrived back at the RANCH and quickly changed into my 'ranch clothes' and ran outside, letting the dogs out with me.

I hauled butt (on the 4-wheeler) over to the goat pen to check on the goats.
There was a 'white mucus like substance' on the pygmy's backside. HUMMMMM? Are you thinking baby goat?? I am! Penned her up and fed her.....
GREAT! Another "kid" issue.
And, I was a bit bummed because they are H's babies, not mine and I know she wants to be there when they are born. O' Natural, or otherwise!

Went back to the house, talked to H. Told her update. She said 'don't be afraid to take her to the vet if need be'. I assured her I would, but was going to keep an eye on her for a bit first.

Called the vet, just to be on the safe side and give him a heads up.

Went about normal chores.....fed dogs, horses, and the rest of the goat.
Made dinner....
Went out about every hour to check on the goat till about 10:30.
She hadn't changed. Nothing else coming out the 'back end'. No laying down, no contractions.

I settled for a quick shower and hit the hay about 11:30ish.....
Still LOVE the bed...and the shower!

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