Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I can't help it.....this woman KILLS me! Check out HER post...... Check out the ENTIRE post she references a snippit of....and here is my post on FUGLY's BLOG.

- I see lots of people saying "that's too harsh" or "that's too mean". There are MANY 'tools' suggested here that can be JUST as mean. To me, it's NOT the tool itself, but how you use it.

You can take a Stud Chain and in the wrong hands it can leave perm. scars on a horses face, or better yet, my poor stallion (who is the sweetest on the planet) bumps on the bones in their faces that DO NOT go away.

A spur can be used the proper way, or it can be dug into the horses side until it's raw and bleeding. That goes for ENGLISH as well as WESTERN spurs.

A whip can be used in a mild manner, or it can be used to whip a horse into a bloody mess.

That BUTT ROPE suggested by FUGYL in a prior comment......ummm ROPE burn anyone? I wouldn't call that HUMANE either!

And let's NOT even get started on some of those bits out there!!! You can take the nicest bit, and make a horses mouth bloody and sore. OR, you can take a more harsh bit, and when ridden with soft hands and a good seat have little ill effect on your horse.

And for that matter, something with OUT a bit!!! A bosal! Ever seen a horses face bloody from it's misuse?

People, it's not so much the TOOL it's how it's USED.

I went to Julie's site and read the WHOLE article, not just the little snippit that was mentioned in this post.

She also says - Many people are initially turned off by this approach—I suppose thinking it is cruel or too harsh. But in my opinion, in certain circumstances, it is the most humane approach. I know of a horse who has now kicked and killed two horses by kicking them and breaking their legs. Then, take the case of a stall kicker—whose behavior can cause him serious injury and is destructive to property (and may result in him being evicted from a boarding barn). The most common training technique for this vice is to hang “kicking chains” on the horse’s hind legs which wrap him in the legs every time he kicks (and bumps his legs every time he moves). It will discourage him from kicking but you have to leave the chains on forever—not a very nice thing for the horse. Whereas one or two sessions with the shock collar would permanently cure him of stall kicking and prevent him from injury.

She's NOT telling the people to go out and buy a shock collar and shock the crap out of their horse. She's suggesting it as an 'end of the line' option if you will. Please, FUGLY, post the WHOLE story for people to read, not JUSt that part when taken by itself looks like she's telling them to go out and shock the crap out of their equine!


  1. Oh, man. She did not just take on Julie Goodnight! That takes some serious balls. Julie's an amazing trainer and I think that there are a lot of people up in arms over her post, but they never read the "when used properly" part. As you said, ANY training aid can be dangerous to the animal. And how many horse owners use a hot wire without a second thought? The shock collars deliver less of a shock.

  2. WHAT?! You can't even post on Fugly's blog unless you're one of her minions? Grrr...

    She is very good about being inflammatory, I'll tell you that much. She picks out the most controversial part of any subject she wants and exploits it. I've got some choice words for her, but they're not for polite company.

  3. GUILTY! I have a hotwire fence. NOT Because I like it, but because it was the quickest thing to put up when we moved.

    YEAH, I had to join her 'CULT' to post...which I did because I WANT to voice my opinion on her blog beacause I don't agree with her!!
    Mwwwaaaaahhhhhhaaaahhhhhhaaa :)