Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Fugly goes too far, AGAIN

Alright people. I'm all for being opinionated! I'm very opinionated myself! But, I don't go dragging people names and reputations through the MUD before knowing the whole story. AND, I dang sure wouldn't be complaining about something I could have put a STOP to and DIDN'T!

Check out Fugly's Blog post here.....Scroll down to 2nd March 15th post titled Are you illiterate, or just asshats? What are YOUR thoughts?
Fuly blog just became un-suspended. Was suspended all day. Links to posts and comments don't work, just main blog page.....hummm....

Jen went to the trouble of email trainer bashed in this post. She posted on her blog, and shared exchange between her and trainer with me.

Some of you may or may not know that FUGLY has a spot in Horse Illustrated (BOOOOO!) Here is the letter I wrote today to Horse Illustrated. I will blog about any reply from Horse Illustrated.

Dear Horse Illustrated,

I am writing to inform you about the recent activity of one of your contributors. You may already be aware of the situation, but I feel it my ‘duty’ if you will to bring the situation to your attention. You should know what kind of people you have writing for your magazine.

I have a blog. Feel free to check it out at http://texasofallplaces.blogspot.com/. One of your new contributors also has a blog, the “Fugly Horse of the Day” blog . It can be found here http://www.fuglyblog.com/. The subject of this blog is “Snarky commentary on the breeding of poor quality horses, silly or abusive training techniques, and pretty much anything else that annoys me!” That is taken direct from the cached view of the blog on Google. Why am I quoting the cached version? Because the real time version is suspended. Yes, suspended.
Yesterday while searching the blog world I came across a post on “Fugly” titled “Are you illiterate, or just asshats?” In this post “Fugly” ranted and raved about a “a girl entering the ring that I myself had just seen win classes at the last show just a few weeks ago, a girl on a beautiful Appaloosa who was clearly broke to death and then some, sideways lope, wringing tail and all.” “Fugly” flat out accuses said rider and trainer of “taking a chance for a ribbon away from the kids in nylon bridles, the genuinely green horses and the adult riders who were in there for the very first time.” She continues to rant and rave about the horse, rider and trainer and then her “followers” get in on the ranting and raving as well. I will enclose the original post, but I’m unable to print out the comments due to the blog being suspended.

I am the first to admit that I have an opinion and I do voice it. However, I believe that there are some legal issues at hand here, defamation of character perhaps? Dragging numerous persons’ names and reputations through the mud without getting the whole story first? She starts out her rant without ever speaking to the rider or the trainer. Her “followers” start emailing the trainer from fake email addresses and harassing her. A good friend of mine took it upon herself to get the real story. She sent and email from her working email address and had quite a nice exchange with the trainer. What your “Fugly” failed to find out was that, according to the trainer, the exhibitor had permission from the show staff to exhibition the show for practice. Did she fail to use proper show etiquette and flip her number upside down, yes she did.
Had “Fugly” bothered to bring this problem to the attention of the staff before she went on a rant on her blog maybe she would have actually helped those “kids in nylon bridles, the genuinely green horses and the adult riders who were in there for the very first time” that she claimed this rider was hindering, and pointed out to the rider/trainer/show manager that the exhibitor should have her number turned upside down.

This is not the first incident with “Fugly”. A while back she again posted some misinformed information on her blog, got people up in arms and ranting and raving to a horse owner who was down on her luck. Said owner had made arrangements for someone to pick up the horses, but by the time said person could get there so many “Fugly Followers” had called and harassed her that she wouldn't hand over the poor horses because she thought the person picking them up was one of them! So, a handful of horses went un-helped because “Fugly” posts incorrect information on her blog because she acts before she thinks.

I hope that you will take into consideration the kind of people you put on your magazine staff. I also hope that you will check into them, how they act and what they do because that is a direct representation of your magazine.


  1. Thanks for reminding me Girl- I need to email HI as well, and cancel our subscription.... And tell them *WHY* too.

  2. You are MOST welcome my dear! :)

  3. Check out the DRAMA at Jen's blog about this issue! YIKES! Peopel are up in arms about this thing! YIKES!

  4. I know someone who was "attacked" by fugly. It really hurt her inside to know that people could think like that without getting all of the facts. She made a mistake and had gotten in with the wrong people. When she realized who she was involved with, it was to late. She got herself out of the situation and now has her horses in a pretty nice boarding facility that she's trying to start along with her training business.
    I know personally that she is a very kind person and a great trainer. I have seen some of the horses that she has worked with and they are some great horses. You can really tell that she dedicates herself to the horses that she's working. I don't want to blab on and on, I just figured that I would put that out there since I saw the subject. Also, if anyone in or around Rochester, Wa needs a boarding facility or a trainer try e-mailing me and I'll get your info to her. Even if you want to personally rant and rave about fugly or hear the story :-( My e-mail address is dothespin-reining@hotmail.com :-)