Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2nd Day at Ka (razy) Ranch, PM

Pretty stressful day at work, was looking forward to getting back to the Ranch.

Called and checked on Starskey and the Kid mid morning and was told they were doing well :)

Maxie and Bella were HAPPY to see me to say the LEAST! They are not use to being home all day alone. They are use to people at the house! Maxie got her bone before I left, and I turned the TV to a radio station.

Bella and Maxie ran outside. I ran inside and changed out of my work clothes.
I hopped on the 4-Wheeler and took off to the barn. It's so nice at the ranch. I'll have to post some photos. It's big and open and 'fresh' if you know what I mean.
Fed the horses, birds, and goats. I checked the pygmy goat that was pregnant and ready to pop and all looked well, THANK GOODNESS! :)
Raced back to the house to feed the dogs. Bella was more than ready to eat after missing breakfast.
Went back out to the 'barn' and too my camera this time.....eager for some good photo ops. I hope to have some nice photos for H and her hubby when they get back from vacation.

I made something for dinner real quick, soup and sandwich. Munched on that while I watched some TV! They have a BIG Flat screen and satellite TV. Something we don't have at our house!
Yes, people you read that right. We don't have satellite, or cable. No local stuff either. If we watch TV, it's a movie. We are NOT HOME much, and if we are, we are outside or busy inside and turn the radio on.

By this time it was getting dark, and I had to go pen up the goat (Pygmy most prego) and close up the bird pen for the night.
Mission Accomplished! A good night! Better than the first nice! I went to bed EARLY just to sleep in the bed! It is sooooo comfy! I have to find out what type of bed it is because I do NOT need one! Otherwise, I'd be in bed all day!!

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  1. We went without TV for YEARS. Not a big deal. Out TV was used primarily for collecting dust and watching movies. Since I got married, though, we've put in cable and I waste far too much time in front of it.