Friday, March 19, 2010

Chewie Feets

ok....came home to an owie Chewie last night, again.

after careful digging by the Farrier (who happens to be my DH) we found.......drum roll please...... I mean it, drum rolllllllll please...... Co-operate people! DRUM ROLLLLLLL..... (ah, much better) abscess.
Yes, abscess. Chewie, abscess? NEVER! More like always on that darn Right Front!

on the plus side, his heels are spreading some....bonus!

After talking with fellow blogger/farrier Friend we are thinking deep tissue thrush.....treatment..... penicillin packed cotton balls in frog/abscess area and 1 roll vet wrap and 1/2 roll duck tape. Well, 1/4 roll duck tape maybe!!!

After popping the abscess.....lots of licking and chewing. He always does it abscess, or Chiro, or a release during a ride....he's a champ!

Set down foot and........immediately takes weight off left front and gives it a break. Houston we FOUND the problem!

Will keep you posted on hoof re-hab!

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