Thursday, March 25, 2010


Her comment back to me

"I posted the link to the whole article – it’s there for people to read. I can’t republish the whole thing or I’d be infringing upon her copyright. I can only bring out quotes for the purpose of reviewing it which is what I did." - Direct from Fugly Blog -

She then added "And sometimes it is the tool. For example, would you say a cattle prod is OK to use on a horse in the right hands?"

My Reply -

OK, I understand about not being able to post the whole article for copyright reasons. BUT, when people DO read what you do post on here, they seem to have 'blinders' on and just go off on a rant without reading the entire article. Maybe if you post a bit of the rest of the article, without posting the WHOLE thing it could give people a better feel of the entire story, not just the blurb that sounds bad. I know, people should take time to read the WHOLE article, like I did. BUT, horse/animal welfare in general is a 'hot button' issue and sometimes people just jump the gun when they hear something bad. AND to ALL of the people that read FUGLY, PLEASE CLICK ON HER LINK TO THE ENTIRE STORY and process it before 'jumping the gun'

You could have come to my house last year and taken a photo of a horse who was in such bad shape that most of your followers here would have called me all sorts of bad names, called animal control and tried to get me arrested or something. HOWEVER, when people would have gotten THE WHOLE story, straight from the horses' mouth so to speak they would have learned that the horse was a horse that I was 'responsible' for bringing into this world, and felt that I had to help because I was the 'reason' he was in the shape he was in. Let me explain. I owned the momma and daddy, and when my ex and I split the foal was left with my ex. My ex then sold him to a friend, who sold him to a friend of his who starved him to NEAR DEATH and sold him to some people my DH and I know. Those people gave him to us because they didnt know what to do with him. It took almost a year to get him back in good looking condition. BUT, had a photo gotten out.....see how that could have been a mess?

You could drive by a dressage rider using a dressage whip correctly and whipped out your cell phone taken a video clip and posted it on youtube and said that the rider was beating her horse. People would jump all over her! It's crazy! Totally nuts.

AND yes, I believe you can use a cattle prod in a way that doesn't cause 'harm'. You don't HAVE to hit the button that causes the spark, do you? You don't HAVE To put a battery in it to make that electric shock possible! Use it as you would a 'carrot stick' or lunge whip....just an extension of your arm. You don't have to use the shock part of the 'tool'.

Wasn't saying YOU, Cathy have ever rope burned a horse using your 'trailer method', but, give that 'tool' to SOME PEOPLE and that horse would be in a world of hurt!!
It's all about HOW you use it, not WHAT you are using.

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  1. I don't read FUGLY's. I think sensationalism is her game. She might think it helps horses but I'm not so sure. Seems to me when something is based on destruction, that's what you reep.