Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Casper Update

Mary came back on Sunday, YAY!
Cas prolly says 'dang it, have to work harder'.
Although Aime did a great job lunging him (I'm sure) while she was gone.

Mary called this am and said "hay, nothing major. give me a call when you have a minute, want to talk to you about a couple things before you guys get here Sunday". Ok, sent a message back that said I go to lunch at 12:30, will call then.

Talked to Mary about 1:30.....crazy day!

She said that she's ridden Cas Monday, Tuesday, and today. She said he's still REALLY STICKY to the left. Like, he acts as if he's almost in pain going to the left. He's not trying to be MEAN and trying to buck her off or anything, just has a hard time picking up and holding that left lead. So, she said there are a few options.
1 - Keep going and end up hurting him, or when he hurts enough and gets pissed off, hurt Mary (NOT AN OPTION)
2 - Give him time off and see if he 'pulled' something
3 - take him to the vet for a Lameness Exam
4 - quit riding him all together and focus on Halter and Showmanship

1 is NOT an option. 2, since he's been 'sticky' cantering all along, don't think that's it.
I really don't want option 4 at ALL! So, we are (I mean Mary is) taking him to Retama Equine Hospital in Selma to see Dr. Keith Huffman. We LOVE Dr. Keith. He did the crypt orchid surgery on my Skys Blue Boy 3 yr old. soon as I have answers, I will sure let you all know. Keeping fingers crossed it's nothing major...maybe just needs some chiropractor work and make an injection or two and he'll be good to go! :)

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