Monday, August 3, 2009

FUN Saturday part deux

Ok, we survived the parking garage and were now headed inside!

Making note of where we parked, we headed for the doors!

We walked in the entrance that was right by the Rain Forest Cafe. We both made comments about the movie "mall cop". LOL
We happened to enter right at the food court. What a mistake! People EVERY WHERE! Loud, crazy, loud......crazy....did I mention LOUD and CRAZY! Couldn't hear myself think, let alone the other Jennifer talk! Yikes!

"When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a rectangle sheet of ice with people skating on it!" Too cool! Stopped to watch a skating lesson in progress. the little girl was having to much fun we had to clap and cheer!

First stop....bathrooms! Very quiet and NOT crowded. There was an (ok, trying to say this right but I'm sure it's not so I'ma gonna get in trouble) African American woman in there with the neatest hair do! It was braided and piled up on top of her head....very pretty!
Mission Accomplished we headed where? Not sure!
We ended up at the ONLY store that looked familiar and that we could potentially afford to by something in....the BOOK STORE! Jen found a CD she'd been looking for and I picked up a copy of the Twilight soundtrack! Joined the book club and saved 5 bucks....then donated a $2.99 book to :)
Then where to? ummmmm good question! wandered around a bit...I think then headed back to food court to re-fuel!
After that we went in search of the Godiva Store! WOW.
Got sidetracked by the Build a Bear Workshop! How cool is that place huh? Jen had already built a bear before....I had not. We wandered around and found a police outfit (my hubby starts the Victoria College Police Academy on August 12th) and knew I had to make him a bear. First step, pick a bear! So many choices, light brown, dark brown, white, puppies, horse, dragon, lizard, unicorn etc. Decided on simple tan colored bear, nice and soft. Sound? Wish we'd had a guy with us to record a police saying...but alas, just us girls. So, I picked a very loud Growl! Next step...stuffing! Soft, med soft, Choices again! Went with pretty full but still soft. ok, press the pedal and the 'bear building assistant' positions the bear so that all the right spots get filled. ok. Then you get to give it a 'heart'. You have to kiss it, shake it up high, down low, to the right, to the left, rub it together to get it warm, 'tap' it a couple times to make it 'beat' and then kiss it again and wish on it. WOW.....quite the experience! After that the 'bear building assistant' finishes sewing up the back of your bear. Then you take your bear over to the 'bath tub' and use the 'air' to fluff up the outside. You can then take a comb and brush off any extra fluf. After that over to the computer to name your bear and make it's birth certificate. Deciding a name for the bear was not easy! Fun, but not easy. After many options, the bear was Named Officer FoF (officer Full Of Fluff). We kept it G rated! :) Then you dress your bear! Grabbed the police outfit....but the 'police' shoes were not in order. I told Jen....find some Cowboy boots! Robert wears cowboy boots most of the that's what we decided on. Getting him dressed was no easy task! How many girls does it take to dress a build a bear?? WOW. Ok, clothes, check, boots, check. Off to the check out counter! I thought we were done...then I saw a pair of sunglasses! that did it! The outfit was complete! PERFECTION.
At check out you get a box for your bear. Not just any box. A box with a build a bear workshop scene on the outside, and holes in 'doors' and 'windows' so that the bear can breath! WOW! Way cool! What could top that?
Only Godiva Chocolate! OMG. So good. I can't even describe it. There are no words to do it justice. I'm just gonna say it was over the top good and leave it at that!
After Godiva we wandered (and when I say wandered I mean cut off the huge 'line' of traffic that we were trying to cross nearly getting clipped on our heels by a baby stroller) into a store that smelled way to good to pass up. ORIGINS. Neat place! We were grabbed by two sales women who took out hands and did to them what you'd do to your face with their products. The products felt and smelt great! My hand was nice and soft after words. So was Jen's. Products seem good. We got postcards inviting us to a Free mini facial in a few weekends. We really want to try to go.

So. We were about done at this point. Shopped out...mall over load.
Headed out of the parking! When we parked there was ample room on each side for us to get in/out. When we came back to the truck however...the car parked on the left of us was replaced be another truck and parked ON TOP OF us. No joke...If there was 3 inches clearance on the back of the truck that was pushing it. About 5 inches in the front. SO, I had to climb over the passengers side seat to get in the truck. then, I had to impress Jen with my mad backing up skills so as to not take out the truck parked next to us. Mission accomplished, AGAIN! YAY! We were outta there.
Quite the experience.
Made one more stop....didn't get anything and kinda felt like a waste of time.
Headed home. Jen's SO was txting her back and forth and we realized he was about 20 mins BEHIND us. SO, we met up with him a Bucee's. YES, the same Bucee's from before that DID NOT have sun screen! BAH HUMBUG!
So, hung out with R for a few mins....and headed back to Edna. Dropped Jen off, and ran in Wal-Mart to get markers to color the Bear's 'house'.
Got home, fed critters, and spent the rest of evening coloring that dang box!
WOW, what a day!!!

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