Monday, August 24, 2009

Ohhh What a WEEKEND! Part 2

Started out with DH's alarm going off about 10 times before he got out of bed.....grrrr not a great way to start day, eh?

Got up, fed critters, headed out to J's to feed her critters (wave at J)

Took care of shoe's for one client (took forever). Headed to another client's house. Keeping in mind we had to be home by 5pm as had a friend coming over to bring their granddaughter for a horsie ride at 6pm.
R took too long at 2nd clients house, and was late heading back to the casa. Yikes. Had to call friend and say "come later, sorry"

Friend arrived with G'daughter who was very excited about getting to ride a horse! We got her horse ready, she rode for an hour and had a blast! As it was starting to get dark as we un tacked the horse, hosed him off and took him back to his paddock for dinner. Talked for a few and all headed out the driveway to go home.
I happened to glance up and give one more "good bye" wave, and something that looked out of place at the end of our driveway caught my eye. In the corner of the pasture where we'd just turned the horse into were 2 horses. "Strange" I thought, "only one horse lives there". I hollered at Robert and let him know there was a horse loose.
I headed to the end of the drive and found not ONE loose horse but TWO! Neither of which (blessing or curse?) belonged to us! So, I raced back to the house to get a bucket of grain and two halters to try and catch the loose critters before the ran through our fence, or cause one of our critters to run through the fence, or both.

Friend who's daughter had ridden thank goodness had enough "snap to' to realize that we would be needing help, and turned his headlights on and pointed them our way so we can see.
Got the horses to come to the bucket, but were very flighty, non person friendly critters who hauled ass the other way as soon as a hand came near the neck.

So, Moove over Monty Roberts....we coaxed and cooed and whispered in their ears WITH OUT the round pen! Heck, we were in the middle of the road for crying out loud.
So, after about 30 minutes we had the horses caught and we were headed to......WHERE IN THE HECK DO WE TAKE THEM???
We have a cattle trailer at our place, and it was empty. 3 calls to the sheriff's office had yet to yield officer, or horse owner. We couldn't very well stand around holding them all evening. DH hooked up trailer and, prepared for a loading fight we walked towards the trailer.
Click, click, tug, tug......and the sorrel mare jumped in the trailer with me....WOW. Didn't see that coming. I made quick exit, stage left, and Robert walked the other mare in the trailer. Took of leads and turned them loose.
Officer showed up about 20 mins later. Gave him description of the critters, and he went off to "knock on every door until he found the owner". YAY!

Gave the critters in our trailer water and a big wad of hay....yummy.....

By now, it's about 10pm. We are tired, exhausted, haven't eaten or drank anything since lunch time. I'm just this side of pissy, and Robert is right there with me.
About 30 mins later Officer comes back and said "I believe the owner is right behind me" I was thinking, let's hope so!
I hear him coming, before seeing him. Loud, noisy, tail pipe issues truck. Vroommmm!
Door slams....up walks/hobbles 40's ish guy wearing shorts and flip flops...... to a horse emergency? Ok, whatever fella.....
"Yep, those are mine. Well, my Uncles" Officer makes quiet exit, stage right as he has to go to other end of county on a cattle call (LOL).
We then listen to how the uncle of the guy that shows up to claim the horses lost his place, and he was letting him keep the horses at his place. They got out two days ago, and the day before that. they are mares, and are "coming in" we were told, and his neighbor across the busy highway that he lives on has a stud...they were there visiting him 3 days ago.
Ok, so, obviously the guy has fence, we offer "leave the horses here tonight, fix your fence in the morning and come get them".
Guy says "really, that'd be great, thanks".

Mentions that the sorrel mare has stitches in her head from a while back when she cut it. We get the flash light, point it upward and sure enough, stitches. and TICKS. OMG, both of their ears are full, forelock too. So, we make another offer "we have to be gone most of the day, if you come check on them and give water if needed (showed him where hose was) we will call when we are headed home and will help you get stitches out and deal with ticks)."
Guy was very happy about that, he's obviously not equine inclined!

So, it's now 11:15.....we are headed in to town for food......
Arrive home at 1am after talking to a friend Robert runs in to.
Keep in mind, we have to be up at 3AM to head to San Marcos to see CASPER!!
Sunday update is next....stay tuned!

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