Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Job

Alrighty folks! I started my 'part time' job last night. At the Best Western Hotel in Victoria, Texas. YAY!
So far the people seem nice. It's a nice place. The hotel itself is only a few years old, very new. It's pretty, inside and out. The job is not difficult. Should be ok. The tough thing will be trying to work at the office full time and at the hotel almost full time. Will make for one exhausted lady. But, the critters must eat. We want to go do some things around the house. I want to take Cas to a couple shows. My mom is coming down to visit. The list goes on and on! :)

So....will keep you posted on that front!
Horses all seem good. Doggies are well too!
Have a great day ALL, I'm afraid this will be all from me today.


  1. Busy, Busy woman! Always seem easier to work extra hard when you have something to work towards... and you have lots of good things going on.

  2. Yeah.....having Cas at the trainer is very important to me, so I don't mind putting in some extra work hours to make that happen! :)