Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Short But Sweet Update

Talked to Mary about 8:30pm last night. Her little boy, Beau had been sick all Cas got the day off.
HOWEVER, Mary was happy to report she got the same, if not just a little bit more loping left on the correct lead on Monday! YAY! Progress, progress, progress. It's baby steps, but it's progress.
It's so much simpler to take a young horse that is a clean slate and train them. It's tough, tough, TOUGH to take an older horse that has been 'messed' up so to speak and re-train them the right way. So....I am trying to be VERY understanding through out this whole process!! :)
Kudos to Mary for all that she has accomplished so far!!! Retraining that old Stallion is NO easy task, but Mary seems to love him as much as we do and would love to get him in the show pen! :)

Thanks, Mary, for all you do!

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