Monday, August 17, 2009

Week End Ketchup

LOL, just saying that makes me laugh. And believe you me, I'm needing the laugh today!

let's just say the mess with the "in-law's" didn't get any better. Imagine that!

We DID get the 'rest' of the concrete poured at the house. YAY! Now, instead of trudging through the mud and mucky sandy mess when it rains I can keep my feet on the 'dry'. I say "rest" because we need to add the 'taper' to the edge, and fill in about 3 spots. BUT, for the most part, DONE!

Also, got a round pen! YAY! Place to work the horses and ride! We painted the bottom that will sit on the ground with a tar substance that they use for roofing. We are hoping to keep the corrosion of the metal to a minimum. Good luck down here in Texas with that, huh? We're trying!

Robert started school last week, on Wednesday. He is a cadet at the Victoria College Police Academy. He's very excited about being in the academy. He has been going to a tutor for about the past month. She is a teacher at one of the local schools, and is VERY good. She's helped him learn more in a month than he did in the 2 months he was in the academy last time. The program seems very 'scattered'. The have about 3 books that are HUGE and tell you all the same thing. Just, there is a 'bit' more info in number 1 than number 2, and a blurb in 2, that's not in 3 and so on. If they could streamline the curriculum into ONE book, I think they would have a higher passing rate. That would be nice. Not everyone is willing to take on such a dangerous job.

Working on a Reining Clinic for my 4-H Judging Team. Reining is something I know NOTHING about, and when in doubt find a pro. And, find a pro I did! Todd Martin is willing to host a couple hour reining clinic on a Saturday at his place in Boerne, about 3.5 hours from Port Lavaca. The tough part is figuring out that date! The only date he seems to have open for a while is the same date when I have plans to attend the NICKELBACK CONCERT, there is going to be some juggling going on there! More info on that when I have it!

Well folks, that's about all the news for now! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and has a great week! :)

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