Monday, August 3, 2009

Fun Saturday!

Well folks, the party on Friday night was a hit! Not as many people as I would have liked, but a nice small cozy group of friends. Everyone had fun! YAY!

Saturday am came way to early!
I went off to play with Jen and Robert went to Mammoth Lake diving place for his PADI diving certification.

Jen and I headed to Charlotte's Saddlery on the Katy Freeway for some SHOPPING!
I was in search of some new paddock boots. Jen was VERY patient while I tried on about 15 pairs of boots. One was too tight, one too loose, one rubbed on the outside of the right little toe...etc. Bottom line, after about 15 pair I realized they didn't have the size i needed in the color I wanted, I know what size I need and will order from Dover today! Had lots of fun. Got new Roma saddle pad and french link bit for Chewie. I have a saddle on the way from my friend Holly, so once it arrives I hope to start riding again. :)

After Charlotte's we took a short detour to Dillard's (LOL) before getting the correct entrance for the Galleria Mall in Houston. Let me say, if you own a truck and want to go shopping in this the $3.00 an hour to park UP top and save your self the panic attack that is sure to come if you decide to plunge into the dark abyss of the parking lot underground. YIKES, in a word! Poor Jen, I thought she was going to hyperventilate right there! She kept shrinking lower and lower in the seat (like that's gonna help). It was an experience folks! At one point, while we were reading the signs to get INTO the parking lot that said Clearance 6 feet 4 inches I got out of the truck while we were stopped at a light and stood next to the truck to convince myself and Jen that we were not too tall to fit. So, there were lots of laughs about that and Jennifer going "ummm don't get hit!". Good times!
So, once we mastered the parking lot (I felt better when we got below and saw a F350 dually and a ford excursion parked down there) we braved the Mall itself.
More on that to follow.....I do need to get some work done this morning.

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  1. The truck got shorter when I slinked down in that seat,, I'm sure of it! I insist it did!