Monday, August 24, 2009

Ohhh What a WEEKEND! Part 1

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY! YAY!
Work was, well, work! Duh!

Hubby started back to school, and his hours got cut at work. Spent latter part of week trying to figure out finances and pinching pennies was an understatement.

Robert was to head to friend/client's house to shoe 2 and trim 2, then to a buddies house to shoe one. Let's just say he was RUNNING very late. He was supposed to shoe/trim and get to town to get money in the bank so payments didn't start bouncing everywhere. I txt a 4pm, WHERE R U? I get a reply from C (friend who was with him) "on the way to c u". OK.....should have been at bank already and headed back to Edna, but ok!
Robert and C Arrive at 4:45........and get pounced on when Robert informs me that if it weren't for C he'd have gotten a ticket for speeding. OMG.. I was beyond aggravated! HE knows better. He's a youthful driver (under 25 and male) with one accident on his driving record already. We can't afford a ticket! Yikes! He got a ticket last year and took defensive driving to keep it off his record. So, I told him he'd better be kissin C's a** for keeping him from a ticket. *Side note, C is a police officer and knew the trooper that pulled them over*
So, I try to hustle them over to the bank so that there is money in the account so that I can get gas and go to J's house to help her with some stuff.
Tell Robert to call me when money is in bank so I can get gas. He said "ok, walking in to bank now" 30 mins later, still now call. I send txt, get reply....'oh yeah, been done a while'. Butt head! Now, I'm late and don't have time to run to TSC before going to J's and getting dog food cause we are out! Inform R that he'll just have to go do that! He get's all pissy.
Listen here, buddy....don't get pissy with me because you can't plan your day and mess up mine! GRRRRR.......
- Side note, C is very cute, very, very cute. The two ladies I work with literally had puddles of drool sitting on their desks when he left. Can't say that I blame them!

So, late getting to J's house. Late getting home. Sat down to figure out bills and stuff which made me even more pissed off. Went to bed hoping Saturday would be better.
In case it's not terribly obvious, punctuality is my biggest pet peeve...I hate being late!


  1. I didn't think you was late getting there, hon... Seriously.... We was busy anyways fightin' with the mower.

    So! No biggie on my side for your arrival time.. Pwomise, boss

  2. I know....but you KNOW how I HATE BEING LATE!!