Monday, October 3, 2011

Again, REALLY?

Yesterday, Alduca injured himself, again!

I woke up early on 10/2 to go feed the critters for the still vacationing Jen. I asked DH, who had gotten in from a late night/early morning hunt a few hours before, to please get up and feed the kiddos before I got back.

FFWD 2 1/2 hours and I'm home. Home to a house of unhappy critters! DH had not gotten up to feed, ugh.

Let the dogs out, feed the dogs. Check!
Assemble horse buckets/bags with grain and distribute. Chec.....WAIT!

What the heck? Alduca has some eye drainage and is squeezing his right eye shut with every eye muscle he can muster.
Really? Another owie? This kid is accident prone!
Grab a cloth and some warm water and clean it up.
Best I could tell, he'd poked it with something. Since eyeballs aren't something you can replace, I immediately called the vet.
Dr. Sam was out of town for a little bit, but said he'd be back later that afternoon, and I could bring him by. We decided it would be around 4-5. I had some plans a bit after that, so I called and canceled those.
I put a fly mask on him after the eye was cleaned and gave him some banamine.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited.

And WAITED some more!
It felt like it took days, weeks even, for the vet to call.
Finally, he called and out the door we went.

Arrived and after an examination Dr. Sam said yes, he had definitely gotten something in his eye and scratched it, causing a surface ulcer.
He suggested ointment type meds numerous times a day, and if that didn't work, a lavage system that would run from just under his upper eyelid with a tube stitched to his neck, and liquid meds. Since we don't have a barn/stall at our place, I knew he was going to have to stay.
Dr. Sam said that wouldn't be a problem, and that he should be good to go in about a week.

The plan was made to start with the ointment style meds and move onto the next option if needed.

Alduca is pretty high maintenance, so I let them know I would stop by in the morning with his grain, supplements, feed bag and treats. Yeah, treats too!
So, away we went, empty trailer, but sure that we'd left Alduca in the most competent and capable hands possible.

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