Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vet Checkup day

Alduca has been great about his MEDS all week. He's really being a trooper. Then again, the cookies help :)

Well, I'm leaving work in a little bit for Alduca's checkup.

I wish I felt better about it.

I'm nervous. And anxious. Worried, and optimistic.
Just when I think it might be OK, the tidal wave of pessimism crashes back around me and I'm consumed by it.

I understand. It could be worse. He is still alive after all. There are worse things than losing sight in one eye. But still. He's been through enough. He shouldn't have to live like that.

People and horses see differently. Horses can not see directly in front of them, or directly behind them. Check out this link for more information on how horses see.

So, I will post the results of the checkup tomorrow.
I hope I get to share good news only.........

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