Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alduca is home!!!

Well, I'm writing this post in the PM because on the way home last night I found out that ALDUCA could come home tomorrow (aka, today).
So, DH took the AM off work, as did I to go get him. One of my co-worker's may be out in the afternoons, so I opted to be pro-active and take the AM off to go get him.

I was a nervous wreck.
They had already given his eye meds before I got there.
Dr. Sam had to race out on an emergency farm call, so his head tech was left to give me the meds and instructions.
She was nice about it. Very thorough. She said that this morning when the guys have him his meds he was agitated, and lifted one of them off the ground.
It was the poor soul that had the job of attempting to hang onto Alduca's head while the other poor guy attempted to get the meds in his eye.
I wish I knew someone who drew cartoon caricatures, because this one would be an awesome scene to have done. I can soooo picture it in my head.
For those that don't know...Alduca is almost 17h tall. While he is not wide, he is VERY strong, and when he makes his mind up, well, there isn't much changing it!

So, out we went to the stall to look at the eye. I hadn't seen it in a while.
I'd been by there, and dropped off food, and fed him bags of cookies, but I didn't want to take the fly mask off and look at it without the Vet present.

It looked terrible. I was devastated. All this time and money spent at the clinic and it looked that bad?
The tech assured me most of the swelling was due to the fact that he would not quit rubbing it! Their hope? That he got home, to normal surroundings and his normal people (notice I said HIS normal people, not normal people! I would not want to imply in any way, shape or form that I'm normal. I'm just normal to him!) that he would chill a bit and relax and leave the dang thing alone!

My concern? Getting the meds in that eye! Ugh! Do-do is tall, and his head straight in the air, no telling how tall that is!

We made the trip home, after paying the 'almost' reasonable bill..ALMOST! :) He was there a long time and they did a LOT to him.
I got him home and cleaned his fly mask and his eye. He wasn't 100% compliant, but hey, he just got home! All in all he was pretty good!

I turned him out, and let him be a horse for about 2 hours.
I pulled up his meds in the syringe, grabbed halter/lead/large amounts of cookies and DH and I took off to the pasture.

Haltered, fly mask off, here we go.
It wasn't.....bad? It took about 30 mins and wasn't that bad.
Hummm....maybe I can do this?

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