Friday, October 14, 2011

And maybe I can't!

OK, scratch that last line of that last post.

Last night? He was ok...again, about a 30 minute fuss 2x. At about 6:15 when I got home, and just before dark at about 8.

He is just so dang tall that it's impossible! If he doesn't want to keep his head down so you can reach, that isn't much changing his mind!.

This morning? A whole NOTHER ball game!
While the eye looked better, less swollen, and less irritated, it still wasn't great.
Now, he is on 1gram of bute 1x a day to help with pain and swelling.
This morning it was evident that the bute from yesterday am was long gone and he was in pain. He didn't want you to touch his eye.
The 'elevator' treatment that the tech got? Well, DH got it this morning too!
I didn't believe it until I saw it.
There was DH, dangling in the air from Alduca's halter. I have no idea how tall his head is when it's straight up. Maybe 8 or 9 feet? I'm almost 6 feet tall, and when it's all the way up...I can't reach it.

Monster, ugh!

The vet tech called this morning to check on him and I filled her in.
She gave the good news about the eye looking better to Dr. Sam, along with the info that Robert got taken for a ride. She must have explained that I thought that the bute had worn off because about 10 mins later she called back and said that Dr. Sam said to give 1gram 2x a day and see if that helped.

I got to work this morning and told my co-workers that I'd need to leave early so that I could get in two good PM med doses as this morning did not go well at all.....

I'm dreading 5 o'clock when I get home to do this all over again.

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